viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Image description

Image 3
In this image we can see  a picture of two womans in a city that looks like from Singapur.  At the bottom we can see a mother and her daughter that are really happy, and I think that they are wanting to show the greatness of that city and the cultural diversity that is there. In the bottom right corner we can see a sculputure that represents cultural diversity, support and respect that has this city with its antique culture. with the caption "I love being here, where everything seems new!" we realize it is a very modern and tourist city, which is important po appearance showing tourists and locals.
In the background we can see big buildings that we can infer that are from powerful companies, because there the logos above these, which means that corresponds to a globalized and modern city.

Image 4
In this image we can see children with many colors, enjoying the celebration of "holi festival". . In the background we can see three people, but fail to see very well. independent of that look like painted and young he is seen smiling face is also. With the caption "I wish this festival will last forever!" we realize that this festival is a time of happiness for all who celebrate.In the foreground, we can appreciate three very happy children, two girls and a boy, painted on the face of many colors. their smiles reflect happiness means this celebration.


1.-Steroid: Steroid any of a large group of fat-soluble organic compounds, as the sterolsbile acids, and sex hormones, most of which have specificphysiological action.

I have seen many teachers trying to sell steroids at the school gym.

2.-Purging:o rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.

She has been purged because she is sick

3.Binge:a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating,drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.; spree.

I know only one person that is binge drinking

4.- Obesity:  the condition of being very fat or overweight; corpulence:

I have never seen a babe with problems of obesity

5.- Anorexia: loss of appetite and inability to eat.

I have been anorexic the last two years

6.Bulimia: Also called hyperphagiaPathology. abnormally voracious appetite orunnaturally constant hunger.

I have been selling pills for bulimia

7.-Manorexia: A condition in which a man is obsessed with his body image and musculature, such that he constantly lifts weights, uses dietary supplements andanabolic steroids, resulting in—in the extreme case—an overly developed body

I haven`t finished mi homework of manorexia yet

8..- Bigorexia: muscle dysmorphia.

I have been thinking a lot in the bigorexia

9.- Body dysmorphic disorder:psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Europe Trip: Diary Entry

   Dear Diary:                                                10 of October 2015              

Between the first of September and the third of October this year, I where in Europe. I where traveling with all my classmates from the Mackay School, and we visited the most important cities in the whole old continent.
The first destination of our trip was the UK, but especially Edinburgh. This city is the capital of Scotland, and is a beautiful place, but what do I mean when I said beautiful? Because most of the cities in Europe are gorgeous, but every city has a different type of beauty, and in different cities you can find different meanings about beauty also. For example, in my opinion, Edinburgh it has the most beautiful women in all the cities that I has visited in the last month, but people from Rome thinks that they have them, but are just different types of beauty. Or, Edinburgh is beautiful also, because of the old castles and buildings that it has, and their beautiful green meadows, but some people thinks that Scotland in general is ugly because the grey color of his weather.

Whatever, the UK it has his own type of beauty, but is a type of beauty that I couldn’t appreciate like other people do. I personally liked more cities like Paris or Rome which are more cheerful, and the people is not so cold like people from the UK. The problem of the UK is that is so well structured and it works so good, that is boring The people in the UK are cold and so civilized that is a little difficult to have fun there, especially if you are a tourist, because if you don’t have confidence with the people in there, it is probably that you are not going to have a good time with them...

But well, this is my opinion, and is my experience, that’s why I wanted to share with you diary. But I just want to say: Is completely worth go to Europe, it is a world so different to what I am used to see, and despite that I didn’t like so much the Uk, I’m really thankful because of the opportunity that I have to visit does two countries that are Scotland and England.

martes, 30 de junio de 2015

Image Description: Capetown

                                        "Nowadays colored people in Cape Flats feel discrimined by black people. In the past, the sittuation was a lot different"

At the centre of the image we can see a big red building that it looks in precarius conditions. In the bottom left corner we can see a coloured opr black child that is aparentaly runing. And in the front we can see a group of six kids that are looking yo the other four mens at the background that appears to be painting the building.

In my opinion, the caption do not represent exactly this image, I thing that this caption just want to said that what white people did in the past to the black people in that places, is the same thing that now  black people are doing to colored people.

The Speech

Good evening to all of you, my name is Diego and today I want to talk about poverty in Africa.

Well, for you to know poverty is one of the most important issue that we must solve in the sociaty. But the real problem is that most of THIS poverty are concentrated is the continents of Asia and Africa. Just for get clear the definition "poverty is the state or condition of having less or no money, goods or means of support" . And I want to said that the only objective ofthis speech is to inform and educate on causes and effects of poverty in Africa and how it can be improved.

But, what causes poverty? Well, there are meany reasons that causes poverty, but in Africa the mean reasons are the corruption of the governments and the bad use of resources. In one side me have the corruption of the governments that are only interested on them self  and this cause the incapacity develope of the countries of Africa. And on the other side, we have the bad use and distribution of the resources, this is because the all iligal-ecnonomy acts that happends there, like the mines of diamonts and the european oil extraction that it does not pay for taxes.

To finish my speech, I want you to know that the day that Africa do not have this problmes and be on the right hands, its going to be one of the most developed continents on the world, and we are going to stop looking this continent, this countris and this people as some insignificant for us.

Image Description: Holy Festival, India

                            "This festival represent the best of aur traditions"

To start the description, we can see at the front two women painting each other faces, and the same with the other girls that are behind them. We can also see at the background some turist that are looking what is all this festival about. In this image we can apreciated all the diferent colours that they use to represent different feelings that they want to represent with this action.

About the image caption we can said that this festival just represent the best of all traditions in India. This festival is full of passion and good felings, and the best thing is that this festival is open for everybody that wants to have a good time and leave their problems bisade.

Written Asignment